Elevators in New York City

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, elevators changed the entire social landscape of New York City by allowing upward rather than outward growth. Today, elevator use is no longer limited to metropolitan skyscrapers or luxurious mansions, and there are no shortage of elevator companies in NY, including plenty in the New York City area. But for the best elevator company in New York, you need look no further than Nationwide Lifts.

Nationwide Lifts is a leader among American elevator companies. In NY, you’ll find few companies as experienced or as devoted to delivering high-quality products and excellent service. In addition to our large selection of lifts and elevators, which includes wheelchair lifts and dumbwaiters, you can order an elevator customized to your exact specifications.

Whether for mobility, convenience, or aesthetics, an elevator makes a fantastic addition to any residence. Our elevators come in all shapes and sizes and can use a variety of control mechanisms. Working with our professional designers and mechanics, you can choose the design and technology that best fits in your space.

For a residential installation, our product selector will give you suggestions to point you in the right direction as you decide what you want from a personal elevator. We offer both traditional elevators for a more discrete option and glass elevators for a more modern statement. For a commercial installation, you can choose among in-ground, standard, or holeless elevators in sizes ranging from a small dumbwaiter to a large freight elevator.

Whether your building is less than 6 feet tall or greater than 50 feet, whether the construction is old or new, or whether you want your elevator inside or outside, Nationwide Lifts has options for you.

Nationwide Lifts is more than just a home elevator company. In New York City, where some of the first commercial elevators were installed, it’s not uncommon to find elevators that aren’t up to code. That’s why we also aim to serve you as an NY elevator modernization company. Rather than install a whole new elevator, let Nationwide Lifts help you fix and modernize your existing New York residential elevator. Company experts will show you just what you need!

A drive for innovation, industry experience, limitless customization opportunities, and national recognition are among the many reasons that Nationwide Lifts is known as a top home elevator company in New York City and Long Island. When you’re ready to outfit your building with a new lift or fix up your old one, contact a Nationwide Lifts representative at [email protected] or 888-323-8755 to get a quote or to ask about elevator modernization. We’d also be glad to provide a free catalog to help you choose a new elevator for your space.