In-Home Elevators For Sale

Whether you are an elderly person interested in maintaining their independence in their own home, a homeowner with limited mobility, or a homeowner interested in adding convenience and value to their property, think of how much simpler your life would be with a home elevator. Having a residential elevator means that you can enjoy the ease and convenience of avoiding the stairs whenever you choose! Home elevators come in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs and fit within your home. oose!

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Types of Residential Elevators


Home elevators provide ease and convenience for people with limited mobility or busy people who make many trips up and down the stairs in their home. Home elevators are available in a variety of models, including shaft-less, cable, glass, and hydraulic elevators.

Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are made to assist those with disabilities. They take up less space than a traditional elevator and may be more affordable. There are several models to choose from depending on what sort of stairs must be accommodated. A wheelchair lift can help your building meet ADA standards.


Dumbwaiters are very compact and save a lot of space. They’re an efficient solution for those who need to move small objects from floor to floor. Kitchens and libraries often install dumbwaiters to move dishes and books.

Cable Drum

A cable drum machinery system takes up the least amount of space and includes an emergency battery-powered lowering system. Cable drum elevators are the quietest models in the industry.


These piston-powered elevators deliver a smooth ride and gentle descent. They can be adapted for many different features and designs and are suitable for many different kinds of low-rise buildings.


Pneumatic elevators are a sleek and eye-catching addition to a home or business. Pneumatic elevators are one of the safest and most energy-efficient types on the market.

Screw Drive

Screw drive systems are used in wheelchair lifts. They are slow-moving and can’t be used in applications over 6 feet, but they save space, as they don’t require the use of a machine room.


These beautiful elevators are chosen for their looks. A glass elevator is elegant and unobtrusive in the home, or it can be used to showcase beautiful views in high-rise buildings.


A machine-room-less elevator saves space and tends to be more affordable. These versatile elevators come in a variety of different models and sizes.


These elevators can only travel two levels, but they are a great choice for residential use because they don’t take up much space. They don’t require machine rooms or hoistways.

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With the right elevator for your home, you’ll be able to maintain a safe, independent lifestyle longer and without the risk or inconvenience of hauling heavy loads from floor to floor. At Nationwide Lifts, we are also proud to service domestic lifts and in-home elevator systems that require repair, maintenance, and modernization. Call today to learn more about the elevators we have for sale, or buy online to save some time! We would be happy to send you a free catalog and provide you with a quote before you make your purchase. Call now or fill out a request form online.

The Value of Home Elevator Modernization

You can’t put a price on safety. The elevator modernization process consists of modifications that ensure that an elevator meets building code, including safety codes. As elevators age, parts can wear out and need to be replaced or new developments can be added to improve safety and function. Elevator modernization services can also modify your elevator to meet ADA standards that define the specifications of accessible elevators for the disabled. If your home needs to accommodate a wheelchair, it’s essential that your elevator can meet these standards to ensure safe and proper transportation of wheelchair-using residents and guests. Modernization can make the cab space larger, make sure controls are reachable, and ensure that the flooring won’t impede wheelchairs. Elevator modernization is essential to ensure that your elevator is both safe and accessible to all.

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