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Welcome to Nationwide Lifts! We are the top manufacturers and suppliers of lifts and elevators. With a wide network of offices across the U.S. and a huge selection of elevators for sale, we are the company to contact when designing, installing, and maintaining an elevator. Lift your spirits by contacting us! We can walk you through the process of implementing an elevator on your property and provide a completely free quote. It’s never been easier to buy elevators!

A Wide Selection of Lifts and Elevators for Every Need

Our safe and reliable products can be used for multiple purposes. We have everything from wheelchair lifts to help businesses stay ADA-compliant to LULA elevators to full-sized, hydraulic passenger elevators to dumbwaiters for moving goods between stories. But we don’t only have products for commercial purposes; we’re one of the top providers of residential elevators for home use as well. We want to help increase comfort and mobility no matter where you are, and with so many different options and designs, you’ll likely find an elevator for sale online here that will fit your needs exactly. (Note that you can also get a free copy of our catalog.)

Uncompromising Services From Elevator Experts

In addition to being able to buy elevators with us, you can get repair, maintenance, and modernization services through Nationwide Lifts as well. We know how to make them, so we certainly know how to fix, maintain, and repair them. In the unhappy event that your elevator needs to be totally revamped, you won’t need to contact separate contractors to install a new elevator. Lift systems can be updated so that they’re up to relevant codes and standards, and you can finally toss that out-of-order sign. We can also educate and provide safety procedures and tips to those using the lift or dumbwaiter on a daily basis, which is especially important for home elevator use.

Uplifting Customer Support Throughout Every Stage of the Process

If our range of high-quality products, superb repair services, and excellent customer service and support isn’t enough to raise your spirits, perhaps it’s good to know that Nationwide Lifts lives up to its name. We have offices throughout the United States and many parts of North America. Contact us if you’re hoping to purchase an elevator for sale on our official website or just want to learn more, and we can put you in contact with a local office.

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Limited attic space prohibited installation of a traditional elevator at our church.  Nationwide Lifts solved the problem with a fully enclosed wheelchair lift. Good value, smooth installation ( and ride!), reliable, and although seldom needed, reasonably priced timely service.
Ron W, United Methodist Church, Missouri
Sons of Norway Mandt Lodge WI members enjoy using our new lift. The Nationwide Lift sales, service and installation team helped us with the specific details, plans, design and labor which made it an easy installation in our existing building.
Scott W, WI
Nationwide Lifts provides an exceptional design elevator along with skilled technicians and timely follow up at all levels of a project. From bid to final installation the communication is outstanding. We will continue our professional working relationship with Nationwide Lifts.
Bill R, WI

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