Building and Construction Games for Kids Online


Building and Construction Games for Kids Online

Building things is fun for everybody, whether you’re a little kid or a grownup. Kids might learn this for the first time as toddlers, when they begin figuring out how to stack blocks into towers (which most of them will then knock down again). Later, many kids develop a love for Lego bricks or Lincoln Logs, toys that help you learn about basic building principles and let you create full buildings that look almost like the real thing. Lots of kids also build things out of empty cardboard boxes, from boats to houses to whole cities! Building things is fun, and this kind of play can also teach kids a lot about engineering. In fact, these early experiences are often the first time a kid is involved in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activity.

Constructing things with your hands is definitely a lot of fun, but you can also learn about building things while learning how to use technology. With computer games, you can build more complicated things that you can make with boxes or toy bricks. Construction games that you can find online range from really simple ones that are good for little kids, like games involving stacking blocks or building a simple set of train tracks, to more complicated ones that let you take on realistic challenges, like how to construct a bridge that can support weight or create an entire city filled with different types of buildings. Some of the games also let you learn about using heavy equipment, like how steamrollers can help to make flat surfaces for houses to be built on or how bulldozers can help to get rid of old buildings so new ones can be put up in their place. No matter what part of the process of construction is the most interesting to a kid, there’s probably a game online that will let them explore it while having fun!

  • Construct a Bridge: People take bridges for granted, but they are actually marvels of engineering. Play this game to learn about how bridges need to be built to support the weight of cars and trucks.
  • Building a New House: Demolish your old house, then go through all of the the steps to make a new one.
  • Construction Set: Lego sets are really fun to put together, and with this game, you won’t end up with bricks all over the floor that can get stepped on!
  • Cubic Castles: In this game, you start by gathering the resources you’ll need for your building project. Then, you can create the castle of your dreams.
  • Empire Island: Every empire starts with its first building.
  • Hamster Run: Practice your engineering skills with Ruff Ruffman by placing pieces to help the hamsters get up or down to where their treats are!
  • Industry Road Construction: Anyone who loves heavy machinery will love controlling it virtually in this game, in which players design and build roads.
  • Lego City Builder: The mayor is on vacation, so you’re in charge of the city. In this game, you can build all of the different parts of a city, from a skate park to a firehouse, and then connect them with roads and see what the little Lego people do next.
  • Make a House: Pick out all of the parts you like best to build your own house.
  • MasterCraft: Lots of kids like Minecraft, and this is sort of like a simpler, online take on that game.
  • Mooving In: Move the pieces around and stack them the right way to create shelters for different types of animals.
  • Roller Coaster Creator Express: Click and drag to add a roller coaster track that connects the two points and lets the riders collect the coins.
  • Space Arena: Build and Fight: Ready for a superhero-style adventure? Built and defend a space arena in this fun building game.
  • Super Mall: Mix building with math by creating a shopping mall that attracts customers and makes as much money as possible.
  • Tiny Landlord: Players can build and manage a city of their own design in this game.
  • Tower Builder: Can you drop the blocks at just the right moment to create a giant tower?
  • Train Track Engineer: Connect the train tracks to help Elmo get to his friend Grover!



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