Church Elevators

Today, an elevator is practically a necessity in any church that has several floors. Church elevators are helpful to senior citizens who aren’t able to walk up and down stairs to get to the worship area. Also, a church elevator can be used to transport carts, furniture, and other heavy items to the upper or lower floors of the building. In short, having an elevator can benefit a church in a variety of ways. Consider some of the features that church officials focus on when shopping for an elevator to install in their place of worship and you’ll see why you’ve come to the right place for a church elevator.


Naturally, church officials want to purchase a reliable elevator that will be in good working order at all times. They want the members of their church as well as visitors to feel at ease whenever they step into the elevator car to travel to another floor. All of the elevators in our inventory at Nationwide Lifts are reliable. We recognize that most church elevators get a lot of use, and we are proud to provide churches with well-designed elevators that offer dependable transportation of people as well as supplies.

An Appropriate Design for the Building

While some churches have plenty of space for a new elevator, many have a limited amount of space. Consequently, most church officials want to have a variety of options so they can choose the church elevator that is right for their building. At Nationwide Lifts, we have a selection of elevator options for many types of buildings. For instance, we have a holeless hydraulic elevator as well as an in-ground hydraulic elevator. Church officials can discuss their needs with our professional staff to determine which option is right for them.

The Right Capacity

We’ve found that different churches have different needs when it comes to selecting an elevator. For instance, a large church may need a high-capacity elevator that can help them to transport heavy carts full of supplies to different floors. Alternatively, a small church may order a low-capacity elevator for the sole purpose of transporting people. We have both low- and high-capacity elevators for sale at Nationwide Lifts.

Follow-Up Service

When shopping for an elevator, church officials want to work with a company that can provide maintenance service. Not surprisingly, elevators need regular maintenance service to continue to operate in a safe and efficient way. Nationwide Lifts has a team of skilled technicians who provide expert maintenance service on church elevators. During a maintenance check, our technicians can address potential issues that can help to prevent costly repair work in the future. Our technicians have the experience as well as the training to keep a church’s elevators in excellent condition.

Interested in a church elevator? Just click “get a quote” at the top of this page and fill out a quick online form to learn more details. We also have a free catalog available that provides photos and information about our elevators. In addition, customers can reach us by telephone if they have any questions about our inventory at Nationwide Lifts. Contact us today to see what we can do for your congregation!