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Interview with Andy Darnley, President of Nationwide Lifts

What is the goal of your new website,

AD: Our new site will focus heavily on providing information and education. For example, it will include a large selection of drawings, specifications, and BIMs that will be useful for architects and builders. We are investing heavily in developing a collection of BIMs and specs. I am planning to do something refreshingly new for the industry. The site will also have great information on the products we sell. I truly believe that we have the largest selection and the most innovative products in the industry.

What types of educational information will the new website have for consumers?

AD: We will have an educational section on the site with videos showing how elevators work. The new site will have a 10-video series that explains how 10 different types of elevators work. We will add to the video library over time and answer many of the questions that we know people have. We are placing emphasis on education and information.

How is Nationwide Lifts expanding?

AD: The company is expanding in a very new way. We currently have offices and franchises in many locations across the United States and Canada. We are continuing to expand with a new affiliate program. If a customer contacts us who lives in an area that doesn’t have a Nationwide Lifts office or franchise, an affiliate will follow up to provide information about Nationwide Lifts’ products, answer questions, and install Nationwide Lifts’ products. We will truly have people available in all 50 states in the United States and all Canadian provinces.

Nationwide Lifts is well known for its residential elevators. Will you be expanding to serve more commercial customers?

AD: Nationwide Lifts has historically operated with 80% residential and 20% commercial work. With the combination of the new website, new products, and the affiliate program, we will be doing much more commercial business. will be weighted towards commercial products and service. This is an exciting growth path for Nationwide Lifts!



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