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Elevators in Colorado

At Nationwide Lifts, we’re well-known for our wide selection of commercial and residential elevators. Colorado homeowners and business owners can count on us to provide any type of lift for any type of need, whether the situation calls for a heavy-duty cargo lift, a passenger elevator to ensure the accessibility of a space, or a dumbwaiter to carry the laundry upstairs. We’re also one of the top elevator maintenance companies; Colorado residents look to us for our expertise, and we keep pace with the latest advances in technology to make sure that we can provide the best service possible. For these reasons and more, more Coloradans trust Nationwide Lifts, and when you get a free quote with us, you’ll soon see why for yourself.

An elevator can make a stylish addition to a home or office, especially when you choose eye-catching options like a sleek glass elevator or a vintage birdcage style. But aesthetics aren’t the only important thing to keep in mind when you’re shopping for residential elevators. Colorado laws ensure the safety of wheelchair lift, dumbwaiter, and elevator users, and those who install and maintain these lifts must keep up to date with these guidelines to ensure passengers’ safety. At Nationwide Lifts, our technicians are the best in the business, and we work hard to ensure that every product we work on is safe and sturdy as well as in compliance with all state and local laws.

When looking for a home elevator company, Colorado residents might have more practical concerns in mind, like the need to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Whether you’re a homeowner who needs to make sure that your space is fully accessible to a disabled family member or you own a business and want to ensure that your building conforms to ADA guidelines, we can help. The simplest way to achieve these goals is through installation of a new elevator or lift, but we also offer modernization services to bring existing elevators up to snuff. That’s just one more thing that separates Nationwide Lifts from other elevator maintenance companies: Colorado can trust us to fix up their old lifts or provide regular maintenance. We go far beyond just offering elevators for sale!

When you need to find the best commercial or home elevator company in Colorado, you need look no further than Nationwide Lifts. Request a free catalog or a free quote today and you’ll soon see for yourself how we stand out from other elevator companies in CO! Just reach out to our Colorado representative, Phil Travis, at or 888-323-8755. We look forward to serving you.