Elevators in Kansas

At Nationwide Lifts, we specialize in both commercial and residential elevators and are experts on wheelchair lifts and dumbwaiters. No matter what type of lift you’re looking for, we have it, whether you need an outdoor wheelchair lift, a heavy-duty freight elevator, or a discreet passenger elevator for your home. If it’s not in our free catalog, we can create it for you: We’re not just a supplier but also a manufacturer of top-quality lifts. That’s just one reason why we’re the best home elevator company in Kansas! But once you get a free quote from us, you’ll soon discover plenty of other ways in which we stand out from other elevator companies in KS, from our excellent customer service to our knowledgeable technicians.

When choosing a home elevator company in Kansas, it’s important to make sure that their staff are up to the challenge of installing and maintaining your lift, including making sure that it complies with state regulations put in place to ensure users’ safety. Not all elevator companies in KS hold their technicians to the highest standards, but we do: Our workers are always up to date with the latest changes in state and local regulations, and we stake our reputation on the quality of work that we do. Our technicians can handle not only installation of our new lifts but more complex projects such as performing maintenance and repairs. We’re also the best KS elevator modernization company: Our skilled staff can fix up an old elevator to make sure it’s safe, sturdy, and up to code. Our excellent service sets us apart, from ordering and installation to scheduled maintenance and modernization projects!

We’re also knowledgeable about the Americans With Disabilities Act, so if accessibility is your chief concern, we can help you choose the right elevator or wheelchair lift to make sure that you’re in compliance with the law. We can also apply our expertise on accessibility to your home, helping you to make your residence easier to use for people of all abilities. Our high level of expertise about the ADA is just one more reason why we’re the best Kansas residential elevator company.

Our high-quality products and professional service far surpass what you’ll find anywhere else. But don’t take our word for it: Contact our Kansas representative, Carrick Troutman, at [email protected] or 888-323-8755 to get a free quote or learn more about our products or services. We’re confident that once you do, you’ll soon agree that we’re the best elevator company in Kansas.