Elevators in Massachusetts

Those who live and work in Massachusetts take part in history every day, whether they reside on historical properties, contribute to centuries-old industries, or simply live their lives to shape the future. As a prominent home elevator company in Massachusetts, we’ve worked hard to supply the state with commercial and residential lifts that can help business owners and homeowners honor the past while progressing toward the next phase. We also offer maintenance and repair services for customers who need to fix up their existing structures. When determining which Massachusetts residential elevator company you should hire, consider this: We’re in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a member of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) and the Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association (AEMA).

Whether you own a modern residence or one that boasts old-fashioned New England architecture, as an accredited home elevator company in Massachusetts, we can install platforms and lifts in your house. Consider opting for traditional passenger elevators if your home was recently built, glass lifts if the residence features large windows, or shaft-less elevators if you’d like to find a way to install a lift with minimal structural disturbance. Our wheelchair lifts can turn even the oldest homes into wheelchair-friendly havens, and dumbwaiters make the regular delivery of items between floors possible. Should you already have an elevator in your home, you can also call us to schedule maintenance or request that we make repairs to ensure that your lift is safe and sound. And we offer financing options if you’d like to explore the possibility of installation but would rather pay for your lift over an extended period of time.

Bay State businesses know they can trust us when they’re looking for commercial elevator companies in MA. A significant part of the state’s economy depends on local agriculture, and we commonly sell commercial freight elevators to move heavy farm equipment. Our customers also use us as their go-to supplier of passenger elevators, dumbwaiters, wheelchair lifts, and limited-use/limited-application (LULA) lifts. Since the days of John Adams, the state has been big on independence, and we enjoy providing the tools and services that business owners need to support self-sufficiency as the top MA elevator modernization company.

Contact Nationwide Lifts representative Terry Steen at our Wilmington office at [email protected] or 888-323-8755 to get answers to all of your questions about purchasing products or services from the best elevator company in Massachusetts. While we’ve done our best to answer any questions or concerns you may have on our website, including providing a guide to the types of elevators and their uses, we understand that you may need further information before you buy, and unlike some other elevator companies in MA, we’d be glad to connect you to a live professional who can discuss any manufacturer or service-related questions that you may have. Contact us today!