Elevators in Michigan

Although there has always been a demand for home elevators, Michigan currently faces a greater need than most. Changing demographics challenge mobility, and it may be time to consider an elevator or lift for your own home or office. If so, Nationwide Lifts can help.

High-Quality Lifts for Accessibility

Elevators and lifts grant residents, employees, and customers better access to multi-story spaces. Whether you want to put upstairs rooms to use in your home or open the second level of your business to a broader range of customers, the right lift solution changes everything. Few additions provide the same value to your property as an elevator or lift, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of your investment immediately. At Nationwide Lifts, we carry a wide selection of elevators, and we can also custom-manufacture one to your specifications.

Although there are many reasons to consider residential elevators, Michigan residents have a particularly great need. The state has one of the fastest-aging populations in the United States, which makes today’s investments in lifts and elevators even more valuable. Although some apartment complexes offer residential elevators, Michigan property owners should expect a steep rise in demand.

In Michigan, elevator access is also becoming a key element in sustainable business design. Installing an elevator will help you keep your best workers longer and maintain a fast-paced business environment, even in the face of changing demographics.

Why Choose Nationwide Lifts?

When you’re looking for a home elevator company, Michigan has plenty of options, but they do not all offer the same level of quality and service. As an industry leader in both residential and commercial products, Nationwide Lifts approaches each new project armed with the experience and superior range of products needed to find the perfect solution. We have fostered development in our industry to ensure that our product line always offers the best, cutting-edge technology for our clients. Whether you need a custom wheelchair lift to bring a historic building up to ADA standards or dumbwaiters to streamline product movement, we can help.

Quality and customer service always come first, as our memberships and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), and the Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (AEMA) attest. From your initial quote through installation, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of customer care. The same can’t be said of other Michigan elevator companies.

When you’re ready to talk about commercial or home elevators, Michigan’s lift experts are here to help. Just call Nationwide Lifts representative Bruce Lardner at 888-323-8755 or email [email protected] and let us help you find the perfect solution so you can get the most out of your home or business.