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Elevators in Nevada

There’s no shortage of places to go and people to see in every part of Nevada. Elevator products from Nationwide Lifts can make getting where you need to be easier when you install them in your home or business. As a comprehensive commercial and home elevator company in Nevada, we sell top-quality lifts for homes and businesses and also offer professional repair and maintenance services. If you’re looking to install new elevators, modernize or upgrade existing structures so they comply with current codes, or simply engage in regular maintenance, we’re the company to call.

As a popular Nevada residential elevator company, we offer numerous elevator solutions for your home, whether you live in booming Las Vegas or one of the state’s more laid-back towns. Traditional home elevators are available for those who want a simple solution to the common problem of traveling between stories. Our company can also install shaft-less elevators for those interested in the latest technology or glass elevators for customers who want to complement a glam interior. We can also install wheelchair lifts to help transport wheelchair users or dumbwaiters to make moving small items between floors a breeze. Whatever your particular needs, we have the products that will make moving people or items between floors possible.

We’ve found that business owners have particular needs when they’re searching for elevators to install in buildings located in Nevada. Elevator platforms need to be large enough to facilitate any commercial activity that takes place inside the building, accommodate numerous passengers, meet aesthetic requirements, and offer accessibility to wheelchair users. At Nationwide Lifts, we’re one of the most trusted elevator companies in NV, and we take our reputation as a top supplier of lifts to heart, whether our customers are looking for standard passenger, limited-use/limited-application (LULA), freight, or wheelchair lifts. Consult our specifications to help determine which of our commercial products for sale is best suited to your building.

If you’re looking for a home elevator company in Nevada to install a show-stopping residential or commercial elevator, contact our Nevada representative, John Schmeltz, at He can answer any questions that you may have about our products, provide you with a free a quote, and help you place an order if you’re ready to buy today. If you’d rather call, you can contact us at 888-323-8755. We’d love to show you why we’re the best elevator company in Nevada, and we’re always standing by to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have about purchasing and installing elevators of every type.