Elevators in New Jersey

We’ve all used elevators in office buildings and shopping centers, but we don’t often pause to consider who put them there or how they work. But when you need to install a lift in your home or commercial building, how do you know which is the best elevator company in New Jersey? The answer is simple: Nationwide Lifts. We’re experts in everything elevators, from manufacturing wheelchair lifts, glass elevators, or dumbwaiters to modernizing antique lifts to providing professional installation and maintenance.

The mechanics behind a solid and safe elevator require elevator companies in NJ to have in-depth knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical systems, and building design. Professional elevator installers also need to know about state codes that apply to having an elevator installed or modernized by a home elevator company in New Jersey. Thankfully, our expert staff have all of this covered, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our highly skilled workers are adept at not only installing and maintaining new elevators and lifts but fixing up old ones to comply with current safety regulations or just the user’s changing needs. That’s what makes us the top NJ elevator modernization company!

People need elevators for many different reasons, and no matter what those reasons may be, we can help. If you need a heavy-duty freight lift for a commercial building, we can supply it. If you just want a simple dumbwaiter to help you move objects from one floor to another, we have those, too. Perhaps you need a traditional elevator, an inclined wheelchair lift, or a small outdoor lift for mobility purposes. Or maybe you just want to install a stylish glass elevator as a focal point of your living space. No matter what your needs are, we’re the best home elevator company in New Jersey to meet them. Just take a look at our free catalog to see what we have to offer, or inquire about our custom options.

You don’t have to be left on your own once your lift is installed, either: Ask about our professional maintenance services and let us come check up on your elevator to make sure it’s still working just as well as when we installed it! We’d be glad to assist you.

Ready to see for yourself why we’re the top New Jersey residential elevator company? Just contact Nationwide Lifts representative Tom Tracy at [email protected] or 888-323-8755 and let us handle your elevator installation, maintenance, or modernization project. Other elevator companies in NJ just can’t beat our level of service or quality of workmanship!