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Elevators in Ohio

Ohio is the heart of America, and in this great state, there are many elevator companies. In Cleveland, Ohio, and across the state, people have plenty of options for where to buy an elevator, but there’s only one best choice: Nationwide Lifts. Our industry-leading professionals provide unparalleled service and selection, ensure hassle-free installation of your ideal elevator. Columbus, Ohio, technicians can handle any project, big or small, all across the state, from installing a new elevator to maintaining or modernizing your existing lift.

Improving Accessibility in Homes

Ohio has a broad range of homes, including everything from historic farmhouses to urban row houses. They all can have distinct mobility challenges, but the right elevator or lift can solve these problems. An investment in a quality elevator also provides long-term benefits: A home elevator, wheelchair lift, or dumbwaiter can not only improve accessibility for residents but also boost residential property values.

Nationwide Lifts is the best home elevator company in Ohio because we recognize the unique challenges that come with every installation or maintenance visit. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service in order to fulfill residential mobility and access needs, allowing customers to enjoy their homes with greater independence. We offer our elevator services in Beaver Dam, Ohio, Cincinnati, Toledo, and everywhere else in the Buckeye State, so no matter where you live, we’re here to help.

Improving Accessibility in Commercial Venues

Elevators and lifts offer commercial customers many competitive advantages that go beyond the obvious accessibility incentives. Elevators and dumbwaiters make product and equipment transfers between floors safer, faster, and more efficient. Our commercial customers can reduce the likelihood of slips and trips on stairs that could damage fragile merchandise or even injure employees. Elevators represent potential cost reductions, and like residential elevators, commercial lifts can also improve property values.

We also believe that maintaining commercial elevators, dumbwaiters, and lifts should interfere as little with the business’s daily operations as possible. This means that our professional technicians work quickly, look for developing issues before they cause problems, and leave clients’ spaces clean. Clients get back to business as usual more quickly with us! Our customer service and skilled technicians are among the many reasons why we far surpass other elevator companies in OH.

Nationwide Lifts: An Industry Leader

Whether you are looking for elevator companies in Cleveland, Ohio, or Cleveland, South Carolina, Nationwide Lifts is here for you: We truly are nationwide. From coast to coast, we offer superior products with the high level of customer service that our clients deserve. Our product line features a broad range of both residential and commercial lift solutions, and custom work is welcome. No matter how unique your home or commercial needs may be, our highly trained technicians can help. When you’re ready to get a free quote for a lift or elevator, Columbus, Ohio, representatives with Nationwide Lifts would be glad to assist you: Just call 888-323-8755 or email