Elevators in South Carolina

There’s no better business to patronize than Nationwide Lifts if you’re interested in finding a professional commercial or home elevator company in South Carolina. Competing elevator companies in SC may have a few lift products that are OK, but we have the lifts and services that you’ll love. Whether your intent is to upgrade your business’s lifts or increase your independence and make your home more accessible, our products are built to see you rise to your potential. Our maintenance and repair services can ensure that your elevators remain functional and that there’s little to no downtime when or if issues arise.

A good South Carolina residential elevator company would be remiss if it failed to offer several different types of lifts to its customers. At Nationwide Lifts, we understand that every home’s structure has a specific layout and each homeowner has unique needs; that’s why we offer lifts that have a variety of features. As a home elevator company in South Carolina concerned with both form and function, we offer several types of home lifts for installation, including traditional elevators, glass lifts, small shaft-less elevators, and wheelchair lifts. We also have dumbwaiters for sale, which can make living in a large home with multiple stories much easier!

Commerce is serious business in the Palmetto State, so it’s no surprise that business owners approach us to equip their facilities with quality lifts and platforms instead of other elevator companies in SC. Whether you’re an automotive manufacturer, a supplier of aerospace parts, a dedicated farmer, or someone involved in any of the other manufacturing and technology-driven industries of South Carolina, we have the lift that can put your company above the rest. For example, business owners involved in major manufacturing, such as those in the aerospace or automotive industries, find that our freight elevators are a great fit for their warehouses. Passenger elevators can help service-based businesses to connect with clients. Our work as an SC elevator modernization company helps businesses looking to fix up or add limited use/limited application (LULA) elevators and wheelchair lifts so that they can comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

When you’re ready to buy one of our lift products or employ our talented technicians to perform maintenance on your elevator, email [email protected] for help. If your situation is complex or if you need a customer service representative to provide you with more details about any of our products, call 888-323-8755 to speak to an elevator specialist. We’ll connect you with the appropriate representative who can assist you and make finishing your transaction a snap. See why we’re the best elevator company in South Carolina today!