Elevators in Southern California

Southern California boasts some of the most beautiful cities in the United States, from busy Los Angeles to star-filled Hollywood to culture-rich San Diego. Thriving businesses and charming homes are plentiful in this hub of innovation and progress. What could elevate your southern California space more than a professionally installed commercial or home elevator? Companies in CA offering elevator services are plentiful, but few can match the selection and trustworthiness of Nationwide Lifts.

Since we’re the leading manufacturer among American elevator companies, southern California residents can be confident that the elevators they order from us will be reliable and of high quality. Since the company opened in 2003, we have expanded across the country, establishing local offices in many states from east to west. For commercial or home elevators, southern California clients have the best choice right in their backyard: In addition to having multiple offices in the state, we also make our West Coast headquarters here.

Why would you need the services of an in-state elevator supplier? For some, the decision to install an elevator is primarily design-driven; they want an attention piece. If that’s your motive, Nationwide Lifts can help you choose the right elevator for your residence. We sell and manufacture both traditional and glass elevators, and we are proud to be a top innovator in shaft-less elevators for smaller homes.

Sometimes, clients want an elevator for practical purposes, such as to make movement between floors easier for visitors and employees of a business or to increase independence for residents who cannot easily climb stairs. For a commercial passenger elevator, you can choose among three operating mechanisms and a variety of other specifications to craft the perfect elevator for your space. We also have wheelchair lifts and dumbwaiters of several different styles for sale.

Whether your motivation is aesthetics or functionality, a high-quality elevator is a fantastic addition to your home or business, and from Palm Springs to Pasadena and beyond, we can make sure you get just what you’re looking for.

Does your home or business already have an elevator installed? As standards change, older elevators often need updates to bring them up to code. Setting us apart from other elevator companies, southern California elevator experts at Nationwide Lifts offer full-service modernization services to make sure that your old lift is safe and sturdy.

For more information on our quality elevator installation and maintenance services, contact Barry Singer, the southern California representative for our home elevator company. In California, you can get all of your needs taken care of by emailing [email protected] or calling 888-323-8755. For high-quality commercial and home elevators, southern California can trust Nationwide Lifts!