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Elevators in Tennessee

Tennessee’s most well-known export may be country music, but residents of the state consider our commercial and residential elevator products to be invaluable to their way of life. Other elevator companies in TN may offer lifts for sale, but none have consumers singing their praises quite like Nationwide Lifts. By acting as a top-notch manufacturer and supplier of lift products and an outstanding maintenance and repair company, we take our products and service to another level in the industry.

Consumers often scour the Internet looking for the most reputable home elevator company in Tennessee, reading reviews and taking suggestions from friends and associates. But they almost always settle on Nationwide Lifts to install, maintain, or repair elevators in their residences. The reason is simple: We offer a wide array of quality products and professional services to meet their needs. We’re a trusted supplier of traditional home elevators, shaft-less elevators for small houses, and glass lifts for modern homes. As a conscientious Tennessee residential elevator company, we also offer wheelchair lifts for those who want to maintain their independence through advanced age or disability and dumbwaiters for individuals who don’t want to install a large passenger elevator to move items between stories.

While we’ve enjoyed our role as a prominent home elevator company in Tennessee, we are also pleased to serve successful businesses in the state. Passenger elevators can be added to any company’s building to help customers and clients take care of business, whether you choose a large lift or one of our limited-use/limited-application (LULA) elevators. Since the state’s economy relies on the industries of manufacturing and agriculture, we also offer the installation of freight elevators in any establishment or production warehouse. For businesses that need to pass inspections and ensure that their buildings are accessible to people in wheelchairs, we can act as a TN elevator modernization company by upgrading and updating lift systems so that they meet all modern standards for safety and accessibility.

If you live in Tennessee and are ready to buy one of our high-quality products for sale, contact a Nationwide Lifts representative at 888-323-8755; you can also email us at We’ll respond quickly and answer any of your questions about our products. We’re aware that you have a number of elevator companies in TN from which to choose, so we won’t waste your time; if you would like a quote, we’ll be more than happy to supply it to you, along with any information that you may need about our commercial or residential products. Ask for a free catalog to see all that we have to offer as the best elevator company in Tennessee!