Elevators in Texas

There’s no better company than Nationwide Lifts when you need high-quality commercial or residential elevators. Texas residents and businesses from the largest cities to rural counties depend on us to install and maintain beautifully built and sturdy elevators. Our wide variety of elevator styles and functions pretty much guarantees that you’ll find what you need in our inventory, but if for some reason you don’t, we can customize one to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for elevator companies in Austin, Texas, or anywhere else in the Lone Star State, we at Nationwide Lifts are ready to provide you with durable products and professional installation. Contact us today to request a free catalog or a quote!

Shopping for a home elevator in Texas is simple when you turn to Nationwide Lifts. Along with traditional home elevators, we offer glass elevators, shaft-less lifts, and more. All of these types of elevators can modernize your home and make it easier to navigate, through the use of cable drum, hydraulic, pneumatic, screw-drive, or machine-room-less (MRL) systems. Unlike other elevator companies in Texas, our inventory also boasts dumbwaiters, which can make living in a large home that includes multiple stories more convenient. As part of our commitment to offering high-quality commercial and residential elevators for people of all ages and abilities, we also provide wheelchair lifts to increase the independence of those with mobility issues.

For businesses, multi-passenger elevators are a necessary addition to a building. These types of elevators can be customized to provide a pleasant ride through the use of music, television, or scenery; they can also be primarily functional, used as cargo lifts. Freight elevators are great additions to buildings that need to transport heavy cargo, equipment, or products between floors. Limited use/limited application (LULA) elevators and wheelchair lifts are available for businesses that are seeking to make their buildings Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. Business owners can choose between multiple types of elevators in Texas, from glass enclosures to outdoor lifts.

No matter what sort of lift you’re looking for, you can find just the right commercial or home elevator in Texas with Nationwide Lifts. We also offer professional installation and modernization of commercial and residential elevators in Texas as well as maintenance to help keep your lift running in top condition. Contact our Texas representative, RD Baxter, at [email protected] or 888-323-8755 to get started improving the accessibility of your space!