Elevators in Wisconsin

Wisconsin may have its own impressive transportation history, but at Nationwide Lifts, we have made our own mark in the elevator industry. Countless consumers turn to us when they’re looking for a dependable home elevator company in Wisconsin, and for good reason: We offer high-quality commercial and residential elevators and provide superior customer service. We also employ skilled professional technicians to install our commercial and residential elevators. Wisconsin customers are treated to the best of the best, whether they are looking to buy new platform products from us or find repair or maintenance services. Those who are interested in finding the perfect elevator can take advantage of our online product selector tool, which can take the guesswork out of determining the appropriate life by helping you to consider your home’s specifications, your budget, and your personal mobility needs.

When homeowners are looking for a convenient way to access multiple levels in their homes, the most obvious solution is to install residential elevators. Wisconsin residents have a number of options for home lifts; traditional, glass, and shaft-less elevators are popular additions to homes and the particular product chosen can depend on the house’s structure. For those customers looking for a Wisconsin residential elevator company that can supply lifts to transport light items instead of people, we can install dumbwaiters. Our company is also a trusted supplier of wheelchair lifts for those with mobility issues, such as those caused by arthritis, which affects a significant portion of the state’s residents. In cases like these, buying a home elevator can be an investment in independence and longevity, as it may help customers remain in their homes as they age.

While we love being considered the go-to home elevator company in Wisconsin, we also have a well-earned reputation for providing great elevator solutions for companies of every stripe. Businesses that are customer-centered can opt for passenger elevators, while those that are industrial may consider adding a freight elevator to their buildings. Smaller lifts, like limited-use/limited-application (LULA) elevators, can provide accessibility for modestly sized buildings with up to three floors. And companies located in older buildings that want to modernize antique elevators or upgrade them to accommodate wheelchair users can enlist the skills of our talented technicians. We know that you have your choice of elevator companies in WI, so we’re committed to helping you find the ideal product or service that can both serve your customers and promote your business.

Carrick Troutman, our Wisconsin representative, is ready to assist you in placing an order for commercial or residential elevators. You can email him at [email protected] or call 888-323-8755 to get advice about our elevators, find out more about our maintenance services, or ask questions about any of the lift products that we have for sale. We pride ourselves on being the best elevator company in Wisconsin, and we invite our customers to start a dialogue with us about anything regarding our products, whether the conversation is manufacturer-related or about post-installation concerns. We’re here to serve you in the Badger State!