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Understanding Your Elevator Dream Meaning: The Elevator Falling Dream and More

Understanding Your Elevator Dream Meaning

Dreams can often seem like a confusing jumble of events with no clear message behind them, but this is not always the case. With some close inspection, dreams can reveal to you any number of subconscious issues that you may not be able to pinpoint in your waking hours. In order for this to happen, however, you must first understand how to decode what your dream is showing you.

Elevators are a relatively common occurrence in many people’s dreams, but the meaning behind them isn’t a universal one. To truly understand your elevator dream meaning, you have to look closer at how you’re interacting with it in the dream world.

Dream About Going Up in an Elevator

A dream about going up in an elevator is a good dream to have. This most commonly symbolizes some sort of recent improvement in your life. It’s often tied to a feeling of progress or achievement, either in your personal life or your professional one. If you’re dreaming about ascending in an elevator, do your best to ride it to the top floor!

Dream About Going Down in an Elevator

If you’re dreaming about descending in an elevator, be sure to pay close attention to all of the details. Going down in an elevator can represent an overall decline in our mood due to any number of factors, and the context of the dream can be vitally important to understanding the cause.

Dream About Falling in an Elevator

Whereas a dream about a descending elevator can represent a steady decline in one’s mood, an elevator falling dream can symbolize a complete lack of control. This can stem from an event currently unfolding in your life or anxiety over one that has yet to happen, either in your personal or professional life. An elevator falling dream can often be caused by worries over losing one’s job or an impending breakup.

Dream About Being Trapped in an Elevator

Being trapped in an elevator in your dreams can mean you’re experiencing a feeling of hopelessness in some aspect of your life because there’s a situation you can’t find your way out of. This could be a relationship that has stagnated or a job that you’ve lost your passion for.