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Elevator Anxiety: Overcoming Your Fear of Heights

It’s a typical day in the city where people are hurrying to and from work, visiting places of interest, and going about their usual day. One of the typical sights in any large city are the tall buildings. These are places where people work or even are destinations for tourists who want a panoramic view of the city. These buildings are great locations to get a view of the city, but what about people who suffer from Acrophobia?

What is Acrophobia?  Acrophobia can generally be described as a psychological condition where someone has an extreme fear of heights. In some people, it may be due to an event that occurred when they were younger or something that happened to someone else where height was involved. People can even have fear when it was something that they may have heard about. Whichever way that people develop a fear of height, it is something that can be lessened and eventually overcome.

Identifying a fear of heights is something that is symptom-driven. For example, a patient who is suffering from Acrophobia will develop an elevated heart rate and will feel a deep feeling of anxiety when they are in or approaching higher locations. And generally, the feeling will continue until they feel that they are in a safe location.

To learn more about the fear of heights and how to determine if you may have a problem, we have assembled a number of helpful articles and pages. We hope this information helps you the next time you need to get on an elevator and go to one of the top floors of a building.