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A Digital List: Helpful Engineering Games

By Andy Darnley

Any time you build something or take something apart, you are actually doing things that engineers do. You can build with many different materials, from blocks to straws and marshmallows. This process involves thinking about what you want to build first and then designing a structure that achieves your goals. After you spend some time designing different things, you might even figure out how to build an elevator that moves up and down.

Don’t Flood the Fidgits

Can you engineer a Fidgit settlement that will keep them all safe in a flood?

Design and Test a Parachute

Designing a real parachute can be an exciting engineering activity. This page teaches you about the elements needed for a successful parachute and then gives you step-by-step instructions for building and testing one.

Questioneering: Engineering Trivia Game

If you want to test your engineering and technology knowledge, try this challenging trivia game. After you finish playing, you can compare your score with that of other players.

Code Combat

The Code Combat game gives players access to the Kithgard Dungeon to move a hero through the realm, making decisions about movements and actions.

Engineering for Earthquakes

Making structures strong enough to withstand earthquakes is one thing that engineers need to do as they build bridges and buildings. Play an exciting game that challenges you to build a new bridge that would withstand a very strong earthquake.

Cargo Bridge

When you play Cargo Bridge, your job is to construct a bridge that will get workers and their materials from one side of a valley to the other side. You will need to make decisions about where you build your bridge because the terrain varies. You also need to choose the design of the bridge to make sure it is safe and successful.

Simple Machines

Help Twitch do his work with simple machines in this fun game. You will need to solve challenges to create simple machines, such as those found in elevators.

Fantastic Contraption

The Fantastic Contraption game gives you many different challenges to solve with different materials and configurations. After you think you have solved the problem, the game will tell you whether you reached the goal.

Rubble Trouble

Playing Rubble Trouble involves working on a construction job to deconstruct a building safely. You will need to choose your explosives and then watch how they work to reach your goal.

Hold Your Ground

This game gives you blocks that you need to build a structure. The goal is to protect the king and his guards from attacks. If you make a successful shield, the guards will live to the next day.

Bridge Builder

Choose your level and then begin building bridges with your mouse. After you finish a bridge, move the truck across it to see if the bridge is strong enough. Keep building to advance to new levels.

Catastrophe Game

The Catastrophe game involves taking bars away from a structure without causing it to collapse. You will need to work quickly, taking away just the right bars, or catastrophe could result.

Skyscraper Challenge

Choose the right options to repair buildings that have been damaged so that they’re structurally sound again.

My Mini City

Choose your country and a name for your city. You will then need to work to build your city from the ground up.

City Creator

You have the choice of building a busy city, a castle, or a snowy winter town. Once you choose your city, you then begin constructing everything needed for people to live in it, from homes to hospitals.

Island Tribe 2

The people on your island need help reconstructing their island village. Use the map to explore the island, and gather the resources you need to build structures.