Passenger In-Ground Hydraulic

Alliance In-Ground Hydro: The jack is located directly under the platform, in the ground. The jack is protected from the ground using a PVC liner.


  • Material cost is less expensive than other elevators.
  • This is the easiest to install and is available in low capacity as well as high capacity applications.
  • Heavy freight carsvare typically always in-ground.


  • The jack is located underground and oil contamination is possible, although rare. A PVC liner provide protection between the cylinder and soil.
  • Drilling a jack hole can be expensive, depending upon the ground conditions.

Important Info:

  • Requires drilling deep hole for hydraulic jack.
  • Requires 4 ft deep pit or greater.
  • Requires ceiling height on upper landing of at least 150”
  • Typical capacity of 2100 lbs to 5000 lbs. Larger capacity available
  • Travel speed up to 150 feet per minute.


Passenger In-Ground Hydraulic Specs, BIMs, & Drawings
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