Chair Lifts for Seniors

Statistics show that one in every three seniors fall every year. These numbers make falls a ubiquitous threat among the elderly and a troubling concern for their caregivers. When it comes to preventing injuries and practicing everyday safety in multiple-story homes, there’s no better investment than chair lifts for elderly people. As a mobility aid, these lifts increase independence and can reduce the amount of physical stress placed on seniors’ caregivers. Best of all, chair lifts can help seniors stay in their own homes as long as possible.

The purchase of chair lifts for seniors can protect caregivers from unnecessary injuries and free them from stress and worry. For an attendant caring for an elderly individual who lives in a house with multiple levels, helping seniors get up and down stairs can be a daunting task. Aside from having to maintain balance and act as a source of physical strength for seniors while negotiating stairs, caregivers also have to take care to avoid falling themselves. With a chair lift, caregivers need only maneuver a senior into position and press a button so that the lift can transfer the mobility-impaired person to the top or bottom of the stairs with ease. Elderly individuals who use wheelchairs can employ one of our inclined vertical lifts for a smooth transition from one level to another.

For seniors who depend on personal attendants or outside household help to maintain a home, chair lifts for elderly people can save a significant amount of time. With these assistive devices, older individuals can enjoy the independence of transferring from one level of a house to another with little support. Relieved of this extra duty, attendants can then have more available time to maintain seniors’ homes. This can be an especially important benefit for seniors or families of elderly individuals who pay out of pocket for additional household help. It can also reduce the need for the elderly to seek out other types of housing, such as assisted living centers. By modifying a home with these chair lifts, seniors can safely stay in their homes for a greater amount of time. Our wheelchair lifts are designed to accommodate a variety of heights and environments, from home garages to businesses, and can be the perfect addition anywhere that an extra boost is needed.

Chair lifts for seniors come in a variety of styles and can be installed on almost any staircase or platform type. The setup of lifts on curved staircases and staircases with multiple landings can be a relatively easy task. Features like enclosures and rails on wheelchair lifts can offer additional protection for those with balance problems.

At Nationwide Lifts, we have a range of residential equipment for sale that can help seniors and those with mobility issues continue to live safely within their homes. Included among these products are wheelchair lifts, which can help even the most severely physically challenged people transfer from one home level to another. To view the entirety of our inventory, request a free catalog today. If you’re ready to buy but would like more information on pricing, contact one of our friendly sales representatives for a personalized quote. We’re dedicated to getting seniors and the mobility-challenged moving!