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Handicap Lifts

It’s time to create a mobility solution that will provide yourself or your loved one the independence of being able to move easily up and down in your home and access upper floors and areas in a safe, stress-free way. No matter the number of floors or the type of handicap lift you need, Nationwide Lifts can provide an empowering, elevating solution that can be used safely. If someone you love is handicapped and struggling to adapt their home to their limited mobility, it’s time to tell them about Nationwide Lifts. It will likely raise their spirits!

We’ll Work With You to Find the Best Handicap Elevator for Your Home

We know that if you’re looking at incorporating mobility solutions for your home, you likely have a lot of things on your mind: getting financial help for home repairs, asking for the help you need from every family member or cohabitant, coordinating medical needs and expenses, adapting your home for accessibility overall, and trying to find both the most feasible and the best option among many types of handicap lifts. For homes with multiple stories, sections with steps, and complex layouts, finding the right type of elevator can seem like a truly daunting task. Some homeowners even consider moving to live on one floor because of these difficulties. Other stories of your home can be made accessible, though.

Nationwide Lifts boasts a wide network of builders, experts, and affiliates who can help you find the right choice for your space and design and install the new lift with a smooth process. We are happy and ready to give you guidance and can provide you with a quote for free! We are here to help and want to assist you in finding a handicap lift that will work well for you as well as your whole family.

We Make a Vast Array of Handicap Lifts and Elevator Products

We have many different handicap lifts for many different levels of need. We have both commercial and residential wheelchair lifts as well as full-sized home elevators for those with mobility issues who don’t normally use a wheelchair. Whether you simply need a handicap chair lift for a few steps or a full elevator that will move a wheelchair and an aide between floors, we have a solution. We have a very wide range of products, including not only handicap products but elevators of many types and sizes. Request a free catalog or speak with one of our representatives to see some of the different options we can provide.

We Offer Real Support

Too often, homeowners and building owners install a handicap lift or elevator and do not know who to turn to to maintain it. Nationwide Lifts can both produce and maintain elevators. If your lift needs a repair, a maintenance checkup, or troubleshooting help, we can service both our products and others. Because we design and build them, we know how to fix them and can recommend changes when an old system needs to be updated.

Browse the different handicap elevators we have for sale online, or contact us today to learn more.