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Chained Hydraulic – How Does It Work?

The chained hydraulic drive is use in many commercial and residential wheelchair lifts. Chained hydraulic lifts use a combination of a hydraulic jack and chains to lift and lower the platform. The speed of the chained hydraulic wheelchair lift is substantially faster than the screw-drive lift, so it is a popular choice for applications with more than 6 ft of travel.

The hydraulic jack resides in the hoistway between the rails. Two pulleys are attached to the top of the jack. Two chains tie together the system. One end is attached to the platform. The other end is tied to a fixed point at the base of the rails. The controller and hydraulic pump reside in between the rails as well. This lift needs a shallow pit or short ramp.

The chained hydraulic system uses the pulleys to give it a 2:1 movement ratio. For every 1 foot that the jack moves, the platform moves 2 feet. This is how the unit can operate without digging a deep hole for the hydraulic jack.

The chained hydraulic wheelchair lift is considered machine-room-less; The controller and pump unit are located in the hoistway, eliminating the need for a separate machine room closet.